The Gods of Aryavarta

In the Kin of Aries we honor & interact with Gods from all the white pantheons new & old, which I think is pretty unique amongst racial kindreds. On I posted a pic featuring Vishnu along with some Greek & Roman Gods, the Aryan Christ, an Überterrestrial, and a well-known white hero whose initials are AH. It got a few ‘likes’ but only a couple of comments by folks who didn’t get it or thought it was kind of bizarre. But then eureka, there came this comment by a gabber named @TheMoonMan:

There is only One being. It expresses itself through its organs of creation, understood by humans as Gods & Goddesses. Probably the most accurate perceptions of divinity are preserved in Hinduism. Pictured are, clockwise from top left, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu (Krishna), Laxmi, Durga & Saraswati.

The most important thing is that MoonMan speaks the truth of Divine Oneness, which most pro-white folks are either clueless about or else deny it because they think it wipes out separateness of races or peoples or anything else. In other words, they fall for the false doctrine of the liberal multiculty new agers that if it all comes from One there should be eternal peace & love & brotherhood of all sentient beings and other such mush.

The Eastern branch of our ancestors inhabited a vast country they called Aryavarta (Land of the Aryans, later misnamed “India” by the British). As for their “organs of creation” ~ Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu, as shown here. Some sources identify him in this icon as Narayana, the anthropomorph who symbolizes the infinite Nothingness or Absolute. Then Brahma sprouts from his navel, i.e. the One Being condenses from the None-Being.

In one myth I heard, there was Brahma sittin’ all alone in the void with only one head. Then Sarasvati appeared in front of him playin’ her sitar & whoa! he was mesmerized, stared at her till she got uneasy and moved to the side. Brahma grew another head on that side so he could keep her in view; same thing happened again and out popped a third head.

Not sure about Durga but I heard that Shiva’s wife is Parvati, and here’s an icon of the three of them, wives of the triumvirate of Gods, from left to right: Parvati, Lakshmi, & Sarasvati.

I imagine Shiva has more than one wife, & I know that his consort is Shakti:

I don’t know where Lakshmi & Saraswati were supposed to have appeared from, but Shiva & Shakti were originally the Yang & Yin halves of the One Being.

Here’s a more fleshed-out icon of the same idea, Ardhanarisvara.

And here’s a link for a great essay on the creation of the universe partly according to Shaivite cosmology, i.e. the adherents of Shiva: Cosmogenesis

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