White Spirit Speaks


We know what it’s like to be white today when it’s carved in stone (or anyway on the media) that we’re the scum of the earth and should only die out and melt in the pot so that the world will be one huge vat of chocolate, or somethin’ lots less tasty. I’m really happy that so many of our folks are wakin’ up to the scam and tryin’ to climb out of the pot and clean off the crud and makin’ noise about it on the internet and takin’ to the streets IRL. So I thought I’d put in my two cents (or pfennigs or whatever) and tell about how I gave up the ghost and then got a new white life. It’s kind of a strange story and I never heard the like from any other white and proud person, only from holy rollers who got saved by Jesus or drunks who got saved by AA. But I ain’t got no bible to thump and with all my faults I never got addicted to nothin’ but my white genes.

It always tore my gut out that we lost the war, so then the Jooz got a free hand to start puttin’ over their plot on the rest of the world. First they forced the nigs on the white south, then blew open the gates to flood us with colored masses on both sides of the pond. They brainwashed the college kids to think this was a good thing and that it’s a sin to like bein’ white. So there was nobody left to man the barricades but some scraggly-ass skins and hollywood nazis, a few good men maybe, but mostly trash and leftover good ol’ boys. The dudes who actually fought back might’ve done some good if they had about a hundred legions and some hefty hardware, but as it was they just got themselves killed or locked up and made the enemy stronger and the rest of us look like jerks who decent folk should shun.

It got to the point where I was finally losin’ hope and feelin’ like the whole damn thing was my own fault. I know that don’t make sense, but y’see I had this big blownup idea of myself as if I was a god or superhero and could be the next Führer and save the race just from my will to power. So if it’s hopeless and we’re goin’ down the tubes I saw that I ain’t such a hotshot after all. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks: my God, I’m just a stupid screwed up human being like everybody else. I felt so bad I was fixin’ to check out, might’s well die and get it over with. But at the last gasp I thought: hey, what if there really was some kind of high and mighty power, not some phony Joo god but one that somehow cares special about us whites. Sounds farfetched I know, but there was nothin’ to lose.

So I kinda looked up and said hey, if there’s anybody there who likes that I’m white then you’re OK with me, and hey I need ya, I can’t do it by myself any more, I give up, I quit! If you’re there it’s all on you and I’ll do whatever ya call. If that sounds hokey it’s because I just can’t write it the way it was pourin’ out of my heart, I wasn’t even sayin’ any words, just lettin’ the feelings gush out, so anybody could see I really meant it, specially anybody up there.

And y’know what, crazy as it sounds the sun busted out from the clouds, and it wasn’t just a big ol’ fireball, it was somebody now, a person, a god, or anyhow somebody lots bigger and better than me. And he loved me, I mean the sun, whether he was a god, a star, a spirit, it was love and he was real. All of a sudden I felt lots better, in fact best ever in my life. I loved the sun so much I was starin’ right into his face and didn’t even notice if my eyes was hurtin’. Finally I blinked and looked down and OMG I was seein’ everthing thru the sun’s own eye, as if I was the sun. And I felt that luscious sunlove for the whole world, but specially for my own white folk. My heart was just breakin’ at what they was goin’ thru ~ forgettin’ they was white and the whole awful trip. And then I thought: hey, maybe now that I’m the sun god or somethin’ I can finally help out. But as soon as I thought that, it was like ZAP! I was my old stupid self again and knew I would just keep fuckin’ things up. So I looked up at the sun again and said: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You’re the one, not me! Please please please, show me the way to do this job for us all.

That zap cleared my head and the sunlight was pourin’ thru me, not just normal light but that special spirit stuff from God the Sun. I bet if anybody saw me I would’ve been lit up like a bulb. So I thought hey, even though I ain’t no god, this spirit light can flow through me and maybe other people can get off on it some way or the other. I can’t be the sun, but I can be some kinda white spirit dude. The love of the sun practically floored me when I thought this, so I knew it was OK with him. So hey, that’s my intro ~ just call me White Spirit!

And here’s what happened next:

Hitler Heil God

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